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Virtual Reality Wall Color Changes
We use a photograph of your room and we alter the color of your walls digitally.

We can show you how a variety of wall colors and color schemes can affect the look and feel of your room before you buy paint! Saving you time and money, and making your wall color decisions a whole lot easier!

Are you thinking about changing your wall color from drab white to bold red?
Well we can take the nerves right out of a decision like that! For just $25.00 we will show you three different colors ideas for your walls on one of your own room photos. Send us a digital photo of your room, indicate the color scheme you are thinking of (or have us pick our three favorites) and we'll create a photo that looks so convincing you would swear it was really painted in your colors! We can do unlimited color variations to that one photograph, just $5.00 for each additional color scheme. Email us to get started with your wall color change!

How to get started: It’s so easy! Just email us and we will reply with all the details. You will be asked to send your photos to us either by email or via www.kodakgallery.com, we will contact you to confirm that we have received your photos. You will be asked to make your payment by returning to the link provided below. When your photos are ready we will email your new photos back to you featuring your exciting new wall color change.

About Payment: We will email your new wall color change photos to you following confirmation of your payment. We accept all major credit cards which we process through our PayPal Secure Online Payment Gateway.

Click here to pay $25
digital wall color presentation

(includes three wall color presentations)
Click here to pay $5
for one additional wall color

(you will click this once for each addtional wall color)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF WALL COLOR CHANGE SERVICE: All colors are only an approximation of possible hues and color schemes. We cannot provide you with an exact color swatch, name or brand of paint. The viewing of final color can vary greatly by monitor settings and printer quality. You may need to adjust your monitor to lighten or darken a photo for viewing. This service is meant only to give you an overall idea about how a similar shade and value of a hue could affect the way a room looks and feels. The final decision on actual paint color is ultimately up to the individual, therefore Room Remedy is not responsible for the actual outcome of the paint job or color scheme under any circumstance. High quality prints can be ordered. There are no refunds for this service.

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